BNS Terminal

BNS Terminal is a modern information environment allowing for high flexibility in following the news, in making news selections suitable for professional users and applying different patterns of presentation of news and information. Subscribers can manage their own personal settings of the interface depending on their preferences and habits. For reading news on a smartphone a phone display view has been adapted that is common for all users. You need a personal user account to read news on your phone.

Real-time news


Terminal webpage view




Mobile webpage view

  • Economic news in real time provide a competent, accurate and in-depth coverage of the most important economic events in the Baltic countries and elsewhere in the world.
    • Estonian economic news
    • Stock market news and stock market commentary
    • Rates/prices and currency market commentary
    • Latvian and Lithuanian economic news
    • Economic news from CIS and Georgia
    • Economic news from the rest of the world
  • Domestic news in real time provide a comprehensive, fast and reliable coverage of social and political daily news around the clock, seven days a week.
    • Estonian domestic news
    • Diary of events
    • Culture
    • Police
    • Sports
    • Weather
  • Foreign news in real time - a topical and objective look into events of the world 24/7.
    • Latvian and Lithuanian news
    • News from CIS and Georgia
    • News from the rest of the world

We release news stories in five languages: Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian and Lithuanian.

Daily and weekly bulletins

For subscribers who prefer to read about the latest events in the region once a day or a couple of times a day we sort news stories by category and bring them to the subscriber as a package. For English-speaking users we also offer English-language news briefs and overviews of the main topics covered by newspapers.

Daily and weekly bulletins in English

  • Diary – schedule of daily events
  • Digest – news briefs from leading local newspapers
  • News Bulletin – expanded overview of the day's top stories published in newspapers; includes items released in Diary and Digest
  • Insight – translations of newspaper articles and interviews
  • Defense Review – weekly bulletin offering a comprehensive overview of news related to national defense
  • Baltic Business Weekly – bulletin that brings to subscribers Baltic economic and corporate news of the past week sorted by topic



Archive is a unique tool to search for news stories and articles by keyword or phrase, either from the headline or full text, from the year 1991 onwards.


Archive webpage view



BNS is the sole representative of Interfax, the best-known news agency of Russia, in the Baltic countries. Interfax is an independent news agency whose broad coverage of topics in Russian and in English offers the best picture of developments in Russia and the CIS.


Publication of press releases

Inform us and others about important events by sending a press release to pressiteated@bns.ee. Publication of international press releases is a paid-for service. Information about prices can be obtained via e-mail from sales@bns.ee or by calling +372 610 8808+372 610 8808.

BNS Calendar

BNS groups together into its Calendar portal the most important activities of the main state institutions as well as the PR sphere and the private and non-profit sectors. BNS Calendar has three categories for upcoming events: domestic policy, economy, and culture- and PR-related. The Calendar portal is a great tool primarily for media outlets and the PR sector for planning their work.

BNS Calendar webpage view