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Baltic News Service (BNS), the only pan-Baltic news agency, employs nearly 100 journalists and releases over 1,000 news items in five languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, English and Russian) daily.

BNS aims to provide full and reliable real-time coverage of domestic and foreign news. With headquarters in Tallinn and regional offices in Riga and Vilnius, BNS is the only news agency embracing all the three Baltic countries.

Reuters, AFP, AP, Interfax, STT, PAP and APA are our international information source partners, which in turn rely on our Baltic coverage in their everyday work.

BNS has a team of highly competent editors, many of whom have tens of years of experience in the profession, as well as a wide circle of media and business clients both in Estonia and abroad having the highest demands as regards the quality of service.

Customers of BNS can be confident that important news will reach them regardless of the day of the week or the hour.

BNS Terminal is a modern information environment allowing for high flexibility in the following of news, in making news selections suitable for professional users and applying different patterns of presentation of news and information.

When it comes to news from the Baltics there's no better source for timely, accurate, complete and relevant information than Baltic News Service.


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